We might pop-up at your next event.
We perform with a portable sound system.
We take surprise parties off the beaten track.

Because we can walk anywhere with our music, we can make parties happen on unusual locations.

We have surprised party people on city squares, festivals, metros, toilets, ferries, department stores, desert plains, trade fairs, elevators, ski slopes and frozen canals. And we are always looking to break new grounds with our mobile surprise party... whether it be on ice skates, rollerskates, skis or on our own happy feet.



We literally take clubbing to the streets. Our performance gets noticed and followed – around and around.

Our DJ's mix a variety of dance music on their handheld music mixer. Our back packs have interchangeable outer shells and lighting. They can be carried by stilt walkers, stunt skiers, skaters, professional dancers or just our best friends. Nobody knows where our mobile party will strike next... except for those who follow us in social media ;-)


Are you looking for a performance on your event? A daring campaign? An entertaining way to get your audience from A to B? Or just a unique surprise party?

We love to brainstorm about how the Infaders can make it happen for you. Shall we meet?

E-mail: info@infaders.com
Phone: +31 6 22 42 25 09